Pino Studio is a Manila-based design firm, comprised of a multi-disciplinary design team dedicated to branding and experience design. The company was established by six young individuals driven by their hunger for change–they all found commonality in wanting to elevate the overall tastes and standards of the Philippines. Coming from different backgrounds and global experiences, each partner wields a different skillset and strength in the creative field. Thus, the convergence of multiple design specialties enables the studio to realize Pino in the creative process, providing holistic design experiences for enterprises, both small and large. Pino Studio is dedicated to the reimagination of the Filipino visual landscape, a vision brought to life through its collaboration with game-changing businesses and entrepreneurs.


Pino, which in Tagalog translates to ‘refined’ or ‘polished’, is a local expression applied to many things: perceived quality of a material, attention to one’s work, even a person’s character. Inspired by its meaning, our philosophy embraces the importance of Pino in every aspect of the creative process and applying this to every brand whose story we have the privilege to tell.


We design brands that matter. 

Because a reimagined Filipino visual landscape is worth imagining.