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January 10, 2024
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CDO Foodsphere’s 2022 calendar shows the power of hope amidst a pandemic

The PINO Team
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Since 1975, CDO Foodsphere has grown to become a much-loved enterprise, providing every Filipino family with home-style food staples such as CDO Karne Norte, Funtastyk Young Pork Tocino, San Marino Corned Tuna, Idol Cheesedog, CDO Premium Holiday Ham, and Danes Cheese. What started out as a homemaker’s dream of providing good food for her family has now become a trusted company, feeding millions and uplifting the humble Filipino worker.

By building a strong rapport and deep understanding of their brands, we earn our clients’ unremitting trust in making their visions come to life. Our first engagement with CDO was back in 2020 when we collaborated with them on their 45th-anniversary brand identity refresh which transformed their original silhouette with modernized forms and elements, and evoked the warmth of Filipino hospitality and maternal spirit. Once again, we came together to reimagine their 2022 calendar which highlights the company’s acts of service and their hope for a brighter future.

Food that brings you hope

Beyond championing mealtimes and uniting families, CDO extends their care through community service. Seen especially in the midst of a global pandemic, their aim has always been to foster new hope to Filipinos by giving aid and assistance through nutrition programs, child and youth welfare development, livelihood enhancement programs, and health and nutrition advocacy and promotion.

Our challenge: Given 12 months in a calendar and many company initiatives to cover, how do we show diversity but still maintain harmony in the overall design? As a company that builds connections and strong family ties, we decided to feature editorial illustrations with a curated color scheme derived from CDO’s brand colors; vibrant hues of warm sunlight contrasting vivid long shadows that paint meaningful moments.

“With few photos documenting all events and with the logistical challenge of shooting each, we decided to tell simple stories through illustration,” said Rocky Alli, PINO’s Head of Branding. From compassionate frontliners, the folks in community pantries, and CDO’s initiatives, to the simple joys of sharing a meal with our loved ones, we wanted to showcase these intimate moments that made a whole nation stronger through uncertain times.