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February 15, 2024
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Impossible is nothing: Adidas breaks limits with PINO

The PINO Team
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or decades now, Adidas has been a household name. The brand offers a wide range of world class footwear, apparel, accessories and more across a plethora of sports, and has evolved to become a beloved streetwear and lifestyle brand. More than that, the brand with three stripes empowers athletes and non-athletes alike, living by and imparting the ethos, “Impossible is nothing.”

From their remarkable products to their growing advocacies, we’ve had the opportunity to capture this ethos in action. The studio has conceptualized campaigns and covered purpose-driven events, showcasing the aspirational spirit of the brand through captivating and inspiring photos and videos.

Home of Classics

Adidas’ “Made With Care, Worn Without” was a worldwide campaign that empowers exploration and celebrates the sense of adventure in highlighting the comeback of their classic "Supercourt" shoe. From the brief, we captured a group of friends having fun and exploring the city without caring about their shoes getting dirty. Adidas also wanted to highlight the city’s art, music and culture. Set in Old Manila, we produced this campaign video with a tone of irreverence and took inspiration from self-documentation to capture authentic personal experiences and encourage viewers to rediscover the beauty and history around them.

Adidas Run For The Oceans - Project by Pino Design Studio.jpg
Adidas Run For The Oceans IG Story - Project by Pino Design Studio.jpg

Run for the Oceans

As part of the brand’s environmental and sustainability initiatives, Run for the Oceans (RFTO) is a global campaign that aims to raise awareness on marine plastic pollution and help end plastic waste completely. Earlier this year, the studio helped create the Philippines’ campaign launch video which sparked action by showcasing RFTO’s mission. Throughout the launch and three more events, our team covered runners in action as they picked up plastic waste and more to help create positive change for the planet.

Watch Us Move

The Adidas Formotion campaign was made to empower women and celebrate International Women’s Month. By featuring Filipinas in different sports and showcasing how they overcome their self doubt, we showed how the Formotion line helps them break free from any limitations that may be holding them back through freedom of movement.

Forum ‘84

The adidas Forum 84 was originally released in 1984 as a basketball shoe. It quickly found its way from the hard court to the streets, becoming one of the iconic shoes that gave birth to what we now know as sneaker culture.

To help Adidas reintroduce the classic pair of sneakers in 2021, the PINO team produced photos and videos that showcase not only the timeless style of the Forum 84’s, but also its groundbreaking future-forward spirit that bridges generations.

Ultraboost 22

PINO helped introduce Adidas Ultraboost 22 as a shoe that empowers every woman runner to go out and run for herself and her fellow women. Featuring leading women runners and an empowering narrative, we produced photos and videos that captured the sneakers’ style and turned it into a symbolic inspiration for women.

Whether it’s showcasing the brand’s iconic footwear and athletic wear or helping them create empowering campaigns, working with Adidas in bringing their visions to life is always an inspiration. Being able to not only witness, but share in the pursuit of making impossible nothing, we help tell stories that can reshape mindsets, motivate action, and bring people together.