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February 14, 2024
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Winnie Wong on Building the Self as a Brand

Andrea Cristobal and Pamella Diegor
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Could you define what your personal brand is?
My personal brand is all about living your best life by being a curator of what best suits you.

How did you go about branding yourself?
People think it's an overnight thing, but it developed over the years. I was able to take out things that didn’t work and really find something that fits you and also something you are communicating to others in a clear manner.

Is it profitable to be a personality?
It is but I wouldn’t drop your full-time job to do it. I think people immediately jump to the conclusion that once they’ve gained some clout they can drop their regular jobs to pursue this.

I completely believe in your whole heart in something, but I also think that being practical is essential for your sanity. Sometimes when you dive in too quickly you lose yourself and the reasons why you started in the first place.

What are ways to be profitable as a personality?
To work with brands that you love by putting your own angle to it.

Do you have a full-time job?
Yes, I am a teacher at International School Manila.

If so, how do you manage your time?
The great thing about teaching is that you have a summer and winter break, which is a huge advantage for me to plan out content during that period. However I do decide to work after my full-time job, and I think that’s the “sacrifice” I have put in.

Some people risk receiving a full-time income to invest all their time, however, I believe that for me to maintain my branding and be able to choose the brands I want to work with, having a regular income won’t lead me to desperation to meet a lifestyle or a quota. So those who give up their full time job may sacrifice their financial stability, but I would say my sacrifice is more “time.”

You recently launched your own products, how did you go about deciding what those products would be?
Everything exists nowadays, so I think the way to go forward is not necessarily to be innovative or coming up with the newest thing, but the intention is to evolve and make things better.

How can we take things that currently exist in the market and improve them?

We create competition so that we get better products we deserve. This also leads to the point of finding things you truly advocate for and items that we feel we could improve.

How does your personal brand translate to your products?
It’s about identifying our personal needs and being able to come up with something that others may use.

Why the perfume?
My partner Toni joined The Everyday, and it was something that she values and is important to her. The key idea is to create products that are

What advice would you give to aspiring influencers?
People have said this and I’m not the first, but your intention shouldn’t be to get money. It should genuinely be figuring out something you can share with others, and working on that first.

I think people like to label or put individuals into a box, and the best way to create retention or make someone memorable is for them to have an identifiable trait. Share what is important to you, but keep it simple. Work on sharing that idea so that people know you in that way.

“I think the way to go forward is not necessarily to be innovative or to come up with the newest thing, but the intention is to evolve and make things better.”