Auster WIP


Auster WIP is a retail brand that describes themselves as “a creative house that experiments with new trends and styles to create our own take on them.” Our team produced promotional videos in a behind-the-scenes style to highlight Auster WIP’s philosophy of keeping people and values at the center of their narrative.

In order to convey how everyone’s experience and way of expressing themselves is unique, we kept things casual during the shoot, to give the talent space to be themselves, and then captured these random, candid moments on camera.

Project Scope:


Retail & Lifestyle



Video Production

Outdoor Shoot

We featured Filipino creatives who are all friends off-camera, in their natural state, while wearing Auster WIP.

To capture the naturally free spirited nature of the brand, we followed them around Bonifacio Global City and shot neighborhood b-rolls with close to zero talent direction.

By letting them be, we allowed their very own street style and personality to shine.

Studio Shoot

To emphasize Auster WIP’s playfulness, we shot short, quirky-type videos showing the talents engaged in random activities.

Through these, we were able to capture a huge part of the brand’s essence: curiosity and play.