El Born


We helped develop El Born’s visual branding, including their logo, key visual elements, and menu, as well as created social media content for their calendar.

El Born is Chef David Amoros’s gastronomic creation, serving Catalan cuisine to Filipino palates. Chef David named the restaurant after a neighborhood of the same name tucked away in Barcelona. For Chef David, it is a love letter to the magical place that he and his wife Ivone hold dear in their hearts.

The neighborhood of El Born, Barcelona carries a culinary reputation, where many hole-in-the-wall restaurants specialize in and feature the very best of Catalan cuisine.

Project Scope:

Food & Beverage


Identity Development
Print Design

Content Creation

Product Photography
Video Production

The Challenge

How does an up-and-coming restaurant with a new concept stand out in a brand-loyal market, particularly where customers pay attention to visuals?

Although several Spanish restaurants already exist in the space, El Born seeks to make waves in the restaurant space with their Mediterranean Catalan cuisine, which features dishes that are distinct from traditional Spanish cuisine. Through El Born, Chef David wants to communicate the magic and authenticity of Catalan food culture in a way that captures and appeals to Filipino senses.

Our Solution
Identity Development/Logo

To emphasize the cultural heritage of El Born, we drew inspiration from iconic architectural elements in Barcelona, including the world-famous Sagrada Familia cathedral and Eixample’s city grid pattern. This resulted in a geometric and rectangular font with truncated corners, custom created for the brand. The logo also features an underlined El, the underline meant to resemble a boat that represents the Mediterranean seafood aspect of the menu.


Chef David wanted to emphasize authenticity and sustainability, and this value is reflected in our use of intricately illustrations of key raw ingredients. Since Mediterranean Catalan cuisine features a lot of seafood and meat, we included ingredients such as octopus, sea bass, crab, and steak. The intention is for the customer to know the ingredients are authentic and sourced from sustainable suppliers.


We then took our architectural and geometric-inspired elements and applied it to the El Born menu. This can be seen in the borders, lines, frames and dividers found throughout the pages.

The detailed illustrations of ingredients can be seen populating the background, framing the menu in a way that communicates to the customer the freshness of the ingredients.

The logo features prominently on napkins, packaging, paper bags, and restaurant signage and includes different colorways.

Social Media/Content

To complement the set of new visuals, we also prepared social media content in the form of visual copy, captions, eye catching reels, appetizing photos, and informative graphics. Ahead of the restaurant’s grand opening, this is how we communicated to potential customers across various media channels where, when, and how they can experience El Born.

With the introduction of a new unique cuisine into the food scene, we helped the brand build an identity that allowed them to pursue their mission of introducing Catalan Mediterranean Cuisine to Filipinos and transporting a piece of El Born for them to experience.