We worked closely with Greenbelt to translate premium lifestyle experiences to the digital space through a social media refresh. With the use of imagery and reels that focus on the merchants, space and lifestyle of its market, we were able to create a more cohesive and authentic look for the brand's content and communicate the mall's latest experiences.

Project Scope:

Retail & Lifestyle



Social Media
Content Creation

Video Production
Product Photography

For Greenbelt, the social media refresh aimed to create consistent, branded content and to provide a more complete overview of the mall’s wide and balanced range of offerings. The branding and content team worked together to fully and seamlessly digitalize the Greenbelt brand experience through production and graphic design.

Honest, contemporary, and curated yet not too glossy, the production art direction communicates indulgence earned – the idea that Greenbelt is the avenue for mall-goers to enjoy the fruits of their labor. The photos and reels embrace both simplicity and elegance to connect with the Greenbelt audience.

Through organized graphics and purposeful layouts, we were able to create a cohesive social media feed that fully embodies the brand. More than that, we utilized the graphic content to communicate the malls’ latest offerings in lifestyle brands and experiences.

Centered around three key concepts: luxury, lifestyle, modern art and culture, the PINO team helped Greenbelt reimagine their social media. We captured the Greenbelt brand of lifestyle and enjoyment by producing content with the mall’s discerning audience in mind, translating the same well-loved lifestyle experience online.