We worked with Havaianas to showcase their new do-it-all travel journal, the Hava Journal, as part of their end-of-year promo in 2022.

Project Scope:


Retail & Lifestyle



Product Photography
Video Production

International and iconic – Havaianas is a footwear brand with hundreds of stores across the globe, including several in Metro Manila. Named after the Portuguese word for “Hawaiians,” Havaianas channels the cool, refreshing energy of beach life and brings it to the city in wild and lively flip-flop designs.

For Havaianas’s Holiday Campaign, we set out to blend the summer vibe and holiday feel into a playful retro aesthetic. Through the use of bright colors and ample lighting, we wanted to highlight the fun, festive, and premium quality of the products.

With high-tempo music, quick jump cuts, and plenty of motion, we created a sense of energy, fun, and urgency with which to introduce the Hava Journal, Havaianas’ new and limited-edition do-it-all journal planner. With calendars, lined pages, and product discounts, it’s the perfect travel companion for any traveling vacationer!