JMA Jewelry


A well-known brand in the Philippine fine jewelry industry, JMA Jewelry approached the studio for a monogram redesign. As a result of numerous conversations, the final design and overall branding aimed to place JMA’s identity among high fashion’s most iconic wordmarks.

Project Scope:

Retail & Lifestyle



Content Creation
Account Management

Brand Identity
Print Design

The Identity

The logotype is inspired by the pedestrian perspective of Hong Kong neon signages. This angled approach to the typography is a subtle nod to that lifestyle and search for amazing food discoveries in the tight urban landscapes of Asia.


The PINO team designed applications that made use of the full range of the color schemes. We also extensively used the monogram and gold accent, making the identity the hero of each application.


The packaging is adorned with the monogram at its front and center, displayed in its gold or metallic accent iteration, using the dark gray to bring out the gold.

Ring Box

Simple, tasteful, and luxurious, the application on the ring box was designed to bring out the beauty of the jewelry, applying the dark grey on the outside, and a parchment color on the inner lining of the box.

Visual Treatment

Our team wanted to ensure that each key message (personalized, valuable, designer, global) was delivered by giving the corresponding visual cues.

To showcase JMA as personalized, an authentic but editorial treatment was applied with shooting their range of products and styles. To present JMA as valuable, our team emphasized the brand’s relevance, wearability, piece versatility and product longevity. The worldly design perspective was highlighted in order to emphasize the brand as designer. Lastly, an international  treatment was applied as well as a GIA Standard visualization to highlight JMA as global.

Graphic Posts

With the goal of fostering a loyal, social community for JMA Jewelry, our team created digestible visually minimalist and educational graphic posts about diamonds. All of which helped solidify the brand’s global aspect and expertise.

By creating content that celebrates meaning, moments and relationships, we were able to convey the message that JMA goes beyond jewelry. JMA Jewelry works with you every step of the way to bring vision into your life.