Jungle Bar by PIOPIO


Jungle Bar by PIOPIO is a beachfront bar that serves creative cocktails made with fresh ingredients sourced from their very own farm. They are inspired by the rich culture and heritage of the Philippines, and through their crafted drinks, they aim to tell the stories of the land.

Our team worked to produce a curiosity-inducing video introducing Jungle Bar for their launch and opening in Lio, El Nido, Palawan.

Project Scope:


Hospitality & Leisure



Video Production


We wanted to combine an adventurous jungle-like experience with the sophisticated drinks and service that customers get when they visit Jungle Bar. The video featured two male talents, gathering fresh ingredients around the island and returning to the bar to craft cocktails using the fruits gathered. This is to show that at Jungle Bar, you can enjoy an authentic, fresh from the jungle experience.


To give off an exciting island feel, the video is fast-paced with very dynamic shots. We wanted the viewers to feel like they are experiencing Palawan and its beauty. The background music isn’t the typical upbeat rhythm that you can dance to but we used traditional tribal music that resulted in a jungle-like movie trailer.

To capture the full Jungle Bar experience, we made sure to get the right combination of visuals and music that would not only introduce Jungle Bar, but also give this feeling of excitement to the viewers. It was made as realistic as possible and the team even personally travelled to Palawan to shoot on location. A fun mix of work and vacation, we shot on one of the nicest beaches in the Philippines, ate the freshest and most delicious food while on breaks, and met some of the nicest and most creative people on the island.