Kai Farms


Making Life Healed, Whole & Green.

Kai Farms is a thought leader, mover and global change maker for regeneration and climate action. They are a conscious community catalyzing planetary and people care, growing abundance and social impact.

The PINO team reimagined Kai Farms’ identity with a fresh and organic take on agriculture, creating a brand whose impact will last generations, transforming as the brand continues to grow.

Project Scope:





Brand Identity

The Identity

Sprouts symbolize the start of growth and the foundation of something new. Its form can be used to create visuals that convey abundance and transformation. Using the sprout as the key visual in the design, a unique letter K is formed, legible and abstract. Its outward motion pushes forward Kai Farms’ thrust as a catalyst and thought leader for the planet.

The spaces in the logo evoke the interconnectedness of life, the openness to breathe in and allow energy and light to flow, and the openness to welcome others, ready to live in harmony with nature.


The illustration style strikes a balance between modern and abstract illustration styles, integrating an organic flow and geometric construction.

A unique flower created from the sprout forms in the logo, which distinguishes the brand. Endemic and local flora are added for a homegrown touch.


An array of stickers are created to brand the company's materials. The applied color scheme and variety of designs create diverse and eye-catching visuals.


Stamps are created for the variety of seed packs Kai Farms provides. Applying these with colored ink adds contrast and visual interest.

By applying visuals inspired by growth, regeneration and care for nature, a holistic and conscious brand is created. With its fresh new identity, Kai Farms is ready to grow in the years to come, always working in harmony with the planet.