A photography and design brand, Kaikoa captures the lifestyle of adventure and surfing across the globe through striking stills and visuals. Taking cues from our admiration of the ocean and the way of life around it, our team reimagined the brand to reflect how it breaks the mold of what it means to be connected to both nature and design.

We spearheaded a website redesign for Kaikoa with the goal of streamlining the user interface and optimizing user experience.

Project Scope:

Retail & Lifestyle



Brand Identity

Web Design

The Identity

Inspired by the sacred geometry dubbed the “Flower of Life,” we designed a versatile, unique, and minimalistic monogram with the geometry’s parameters serving as the foundation of the logo’s form.


Using either the logotype or just the mark alone, the watermark design is versatile enough to fit into any image it sits on.


Inspired by the use of craft paper on existing merchandise, we injected the Kaikoa identity into sets of stationery.

Social Media

Within social media applications, the logo mark functions as an immediately recognizable icon regardless of its sizing due to its geometry and construction.


Kaikoa merchandise was designed with the image of the lifestyle of adventuring and surfing. The identity is applied onto this design as a decal on a tumbler or jug.


Surfing and skating go hand-in-hand. This design utilizes the Kaikoa teal throughout the skateboard through decals, stickers and print on the deck, grip tape, and wheels.


Fully circling back to surf life, we have designed a Kaikoa surfboard. This simple iteration and implementation of the identity is seen on the back and front of the shortboard using the logo mark and the identity.

Tote Bag

A tote bag was designed for the free-wheelin’ adventure, with the identity placed on top of a plain black canvas. Here, we use both the identity as well as the logo mark.

Beach Towel

In furthering brand equity, printed beach towels were designed as a way to showcase both the identity, and a canvas to display the existing Kaikoa photo prints.

Flat Brim Cap

We designed a flat brim cap for the adventurer out in the sun or at night. This cap utilizes the Kaikoa teal, both in the identity and the logo mark.

Kaikoa is a brand created by photographer Eduardo H. Zobel, whose body of work largely focuses on and captures the natural world. A cosmopolitan at heart, he draws inspiration from his many travels and his childhood, which are both rich in experiences of sailing, diving, and beach culture.

We approached the task of designing the Kaikoa website with the goal of highlighting Eduardo’s photography, and by extension, his experiences and personal expression.

In order to allow Eduardo’s vibrant and vivacious photography to stand out and draw attention on the page, we opted for a sleek white background and a single font and font color, so as not to wrestle attention away from the photos and videos.