Kashmir is a Manila-based restaurant that has been serving traditional Indian cuisine for 44 years.

As a region with distinctive dishes and food culture, ‘Kashmir’ aims to position itself as a long-standing neighborhood home for good quality Indian dining.

Kashmir recognizes & embraces its responsibility to quality and consistency.  

We maintain our standards for taste in every moment, in every situation, and in every plate.

Project Scope:


Food & Beverage



Branding Identity

The Identity

The logo emphasizes the invisible yet foundational ingredient behind Kashmir’s dishes: the pure and soulful passion of the founding Kashmir sisters.

Their figures, subtly referenced by the three dots, intertwine at the base and stem to convey their mutual love for cooking and the connection they have formed through it.


The logomark and the brand identity capture the story of Kashmir with simplicity, allowing them to be easily applicable in various materials.

From stationery and menus to take-out bags, every collateral is marked with the brand’s authentic, soulful essence. Each one is designed with optimal positioning and interaction with the brand elements tailored to the material used.