Kong Noodles

Kong is a contemporary food concept that breaks traditional rules of Asian cuisine to make the Better Noodle. The interior concept has open references to communicate the ‘noodle’ by using color, and geometry, avoiding specific Asian historical or street food references.

The PINO team reimagined Kong’s identity by incorporating cultural elements that can be achieved through simple enhancements to the form.

Project Scope:

Food & Beverage



Brand Identity

The Identity

The logotype is inspired by the pedestrian perspective of Hong Kong neon signages. This angled approach to the typography is a subtle nod to that lifestyle and search for amazing food discoveries in the tight urban landscapes of Asia.


Posters are inspired from different art styles of different Asian cultures. These styles are incorporated into the brand to make unique visuals.


From the various identity elements to color techniques, the following visual language of overprint minimalism is recommended for sticker concepts.


KONG's packaging provides a modern overprint twist to the traditional western Chinese take out boxes.