L'Occitane Holiday


L'Occitane en Provence, widely known as L'Occitane, is an international retailer of natural beauty products and organic cosmetics based in Manosque, France. They take pride in their profound branding philosophy with strong heritage to France, wide product assortment, and as a go-to gifting brand.

For this project, we created a seamless avenue for their customers to enter the holiday raffle, and lead them to further purchases. Currently, their website merely acts as a catalog for their products, but they wanted to use this as an opportunity for pre-ordering services and provide access to the raffle promos for their VIPs.

Project Scope:


Retail & Lifestyle



Web Design
Web Development

Visual Identity

The website’s design is consistent with L’Occitane’s brand manual and the campaign’s theme.

The board and the kit served as a visual guide, ensuring that the look and feel of the website, from the overall theme down to the smallest details, captured the brand’s cultural roots.

Raffle Registration

We created an intuitive and easy-to-use registration form that let’s the VIPs participate in the raffle. Depending on the amount spent by the VIP, they are eligible to win minor prizes, a grand prize, and a special gift for themselves, for a friend, or for donation to charity.

Holiday Catalogue

The holiday catalogue serves as the main product catalogue for all VIPs. We created a simple filter that lets the VIPs spoil their special someone, spread cheer, and pamper themselves.

Chat To Shop

We integrated a fun and interactive chatbot feature on the website, which is visible across the website and serves as a shopping virtual assistant to VIPs. The VIP can choose from the following options: Shop at Rustans, Shop at Adora PH, Shop through PSOC number, Chat and Shop via Calendly and Live Chat.

Spin the Wheel

We integrated an exclusive “Spin the Wheel” page on the website where VIPs can win more prizes by participating in the event.


The brand’s microsite is optimized for mobile responsiveness to ensure users have the same seamless experience no matter which device they choose to use.

In close collaboration with L’Occitane, our team conceptualized, designed, and developed a microsite that incorporates the holiday spirit while staying faithful to the brand’s unique story and established brand identity.