Lufthansa Technik


For their 20th anniversary in the Philippines, Lufthansa Technik asked our team to design their spaces to not only reinforce their new brand direction, but also to provide their employees with a sense of professionalism.

We focused on three areas that are key in reinforcing a brand’s culture: the staff canteen, recreational center, and worship hall.

Project Scope:

Lufthansa Technik


Pasig City


Staff Canteen
Recreational Center
Worship Hall

Interior Design
Kitchen Consultancy

Special Features

Sliding Glass Door
Open Kitchen
Neutral and Earth Tone

Our design reflects the importance that Lufthansa places in taking care of their own employees.

Their deeply rooted values of integrity, excellence and success are embodied in the design, providing high quality spaces and an uplifting dining experience.

For the concept, we chose a modern industrial palette based on their brand guidelines. It also provides the space with an efficient system while creating the feeling of openness through the use of light finishes and an open plan.

The concept for Lufthansa Technik’s worship hall is inspired by the Black Forest of Germany.

It is designed to be a nondenominational chapel that can cater to all types of religions within the company.

The worship hall respects and uplifts the spiritual dimension of life, providing employees with a dedicated space of respite, silence and faith.

To help the staff enjoy a more balanced lifestyle, Lufthansa Technik aimed to construct a recreational room. Our design focuses on fostering social and mental health for employees.

For the programs, we chose activities that are very popular with Filipinos including basketball, karaoke and billiards. We also designed a unique wall decal that strengthens the brand within the space.

We closely collaborated with Lufthansa Technik to create a greater sense of professionalism and introduce more balance through design, with each space driving value back to their employees. By designing not only to reinforce the brand's character but to cultivate a better working environment, we were able to help them create a holistic professional experience.