m360 is an A2P (Application to Person) messaging platform connecting businesses to their customers through innovative multi-channel business messaging solutions.

Our team worked closely with m360 to create an identity that highlights their ability to create intuitive connections through their multi-channel messaging platform.

The studio collaborated with the brand by creating a website that highlights its developing technology but is still intuitive and has a structure that is easily understandable by customers and generates more leads.

Project Scope:




Identity Development
Print Design
Signage, Wayfinding

2D Animation

Web Design

About the campaign

More than messaging, m360 is a multi-channel messaging platform that enables businesses to stay connected with their consumers.

The brand aims to highlight their ability to streamline customer communications and services.

The Identity

This design draws parallelisms between the speech bubble, the letter M and the pattern of three (ex. three lines for the letter M, three lines for the dots).


Using the same speech bubble from the identity, this set of icons were designed to create recall for the varying services the brand offers.


The premise of the brand is simple: we deliver messages to big audiences. Applying that philosophy internally, the brand’s collateral can showcase the brand’s expertise by conveying relevant and engaging messages.

The PINO team helped m360 create an identity that best represents the brand’s services and narrative. With a simple but flexible identity system, the brand is able to create better recall for its platform.

Through a new website designed by the studio, the brand was able to convey its narrative of communication and show that more than messaging, m360 is a multi-channel messaging platform that enables businesses to build connections with their customers.