Magellan The House That Lives


Aptly named, The House That Lives is like a living, breathing organism. Working with nature and preserving it at the same time, it is a home where life flourishes with and through the environment.

With its own passive metabolism, it is a self-sustaining residence with an environment capable of producing its own food via sunlight and rainwater harvesting. Harnessing solar energy, it has enough power to run itself without using additional electricity. Floor to ceiling windows and skylights allow an abundance of natural light to flow into and throughout the home, creating well-lit living spaces. The house also collects enough water for gardening and flushing, saving the need for more water.

Project Scope:



Makati city

600 SQM

Residential House

Interior Design
Kitchen Consultancy

Special Features

Indoor Vertical Hydroponic System
Rainwater Harvesting
Solar Energy
Dedicated Workspaces
Kitchen Showroom

The House That Lives goes beyond the idea of a house as inanimate. Through sustainable design, it becomes just like mother earth: a home that nurtures life and provides you with all the necessities.