Parqal is a five-hectare development by Aseana City, characterised by its modernised canopy design, the “Bahay-na-Bato” material profile, and the unification and mix of various activities hosted within Parqal’s architecture.

In the Philippines, there is a tendency for spaces to be of single-use and bringing these spaces together is an uncommon idea. In one continuous walk through Parqal, a mall goer will discover commercial, business, natural, recreational and cultural spaces merged into a versatile and thriving architectural experience.

Project Scope:





Brand Identity

The Identity

Inspired by the flexible forms of the Parqal canopy, Parqal’s new logotype emulates the flexibility, boundless fusion, culture and modernity found in its architectural forms. The resulting design conveys an elegant and timeless concept that can blend into any of Parqal’s thriving spheres.


Inspired by the “baroque” forms of the Parqal canopy, the logotype emulates the flexibility and modernity of the development’s structure for a timeless reassurance that translates across all of Parqal’s architectural and experiential features.


The swatches are inspired by the materials and hues of the architecture. The pastel nature of the curated tones can be used to distinguish the various departments of Parqal.


The canopy lines are a distinguishing feature, one that audiences will always remember. The shape and lines create a unique and flexible silhouette that sets the brand apart.


The brand unifies its various spaces and inspirations with a strong, distinct identity. By pushing for and understanding the possibilities of the dynamic space, Parqal is able to create a lifestyle that thrives on function and beauty.

The custom iconography makes use of “boundless” and “flexible” brand principles which contributes to an enhanced brand experience.