Pickup Coffee


Pickup Coffee makes specialty coffee available to everyone who needs a quick coffee fix without having to go through the fuss of traveling and standing in line. By offering coffee that can be picked up or pre-ordered from the app, Pickup Coffee takes less of your time so you can pick up on other things in life that matter.

Our team worked closely with Pickup Coffee in transforming their coffee vision into a warm and approachable identity that easily resonates with their audience.

Project Scope:


Food & Beverage



Brand Identity

The Identity

Incorporated into the brand's name, our team drew inspiration from the shape of coffee cups, which was incorporated into the brand’s name. It was designed to capture the brand’s story of being an approachable and quality life picker-upper and to make their brand’s services easily recognizable.


The display typeface, which is characterized by the visually-appealing flare of the font, is applied to the logotype. We chose this display type to encourage engagement and visual recall.


To stand out amongst its competitors with dark color palettes, our team chose brighter and softer tones of green and yellow to communicate warmth and freshness.

Plastic Cup

for cold drinks feature the branding on the front and back, with the front using the full identity and the back using the logomark.

Kraft Cups

for the hot drinks will have space in between the full identity and logo mark for the baristas to write personalized notes or names.

Sealing Film

for the cold drinks features the logomark on the green background.