Spotify House


We worked with Spotify Philippines to create a design identity for Spotify House.

Spotify House is an immersive multi-genre experience where music finds you. We bring Spotify into the real world by making the in-app experience come to life. Inspired by featured playlists and new-features, Spotify House is a blank canvas that allows us to amplify what Spotify has to offer and turn digital into visceral.

Project Scope:

Retail & Lifestyle



Identity Development

The Identity

The Spotify House identity aims to introduce a young cultural spin on the familiar app that everyone knows and loves. It introduces a new logotype combined with the renowned Spotify mark to tease an innovative new musical experience


The Soundwave is the visual manifestation of musical appreciation itself, translated as a preview to spark curiosity into Spotify’s new musical experience: Spotify House.

Music and sound, by its very nature, is disruption of frequency and waves. These waves are often intangible, rendering subjective depictions of what music tangibly does to us.

To present the visual and auditory immersion that Spotify House is, we created a design identity spersed with audio elements. Using a soundwave and nuanced tweaks to the Spotify mark, we proudly helped bring the in-app experience to life and visually reproduced the appreciation of music.