Tenkiebox is a multi-brand online store for premium mobile device accessories. They carry brands that are pioneers in their respective categories, offering the best in design, materials, and manufacturing. The PINO team helped create a refreshed brand identity representing their mission to elevate lifestyles through the best in tech accessories.

Project Scope:


Retail & Lifestyle



Brand Identity

Web Design
Ecommerce Development

The Identity

The brand identity portrays constant motion and adaptation. The play on typography symbolizes the variety of lifestyles, as well as the wide range of mobile accessories and tech solutions made available through their brand.


The stationery design is kept minimal for legibility, while the font of the business card gives it more boldness and accompanies the brand color in full.

Social Media

Social media content takes an editorial approach, highlighting various lifestyles and people in action tied together by a bold headline that resonates with each one.


Inspired by how fashion brands present their products, we kept the overall design of the packaging sleek and minimalistic. To match the vibrance and sophistication of the brand, we incorporated bold graphic texts into the packaging’s design.


Tenkiebox is a multi-brand online store of premium mobile device accessories.Their brands are pioneers in their respective product categories, and always offer the best quality in terms of design, materials and manufacturing.

Our team worked closely with Tenkiebox in redesigning their website to have a more lifestyle look and feel. We helped the brand reintroduce their story and establish them as a purveyor of premium tech accessories.


The new and improved homepage’s look and feel has a more lifestyle approach that conveys the brand’s messaging and story. It also positions the brand as one that supports a life of adventure and creative expression.

Filter System

The filter system enables users to personalize their online shopping experience. They can quickly find the perfect mobile accessory depending on their device and brand.

Brand Pages

The brand pages give more information about the different brands and products available.

Collection Pages

The collection pages have a unique filter that enables customers to quickly find the perfect mobile accessory for their device.

FAQs Pages

With a unique accordion toggle, the FAQs pages have been modified and streamlined to provide visitors with all the information they need.

Customer Reviews

The reviews feature provides insights on the products based on customers’ past purchases.


The wishlist feature provides customers the option to save and collect certain products for future purchases. They can also then share this wishlist on their social media channels.


The compare feature provides customers the option to compare the products and see which is much better in terms of durability, features, etc.

Press Release

This page gives the latest news and updates on the brands distributed by Tenkiebox namely Otterbox, Lifeproof and PopSockets.

Black VIP Room Page and Loyalty Rewards Feature

The brand’s VIP page now includes information on the perks of being a Tenkiebox VIP member. Moreover, we integrated a fun rewards feature for customers to accumulate and spend their points.

Newly Improved Products Page

Each product page now includes a section that features an installation and series specs video to give customers additional information on how to use the product and its many features.


The brand’s website is optimized for mobile responsiveness to ensure users have the same seamless experience no matter which device they use.

In close collaboration with Tenkiebox, our team conceptualized, designed, and developed a website that encapsulates their brand messaging and story.

Taking every aspect of the user journey and experience into careful consideration, the brand’s new website provides users with a seamless and thoroughly enjoyable online shopping experience.