Vespesyal, previously V.E.S. Desserts, is a Philippine dessert company that lives and breathes the country’s love for desserts. Delivering high quality desserts crafted with homegrown recipes, Vespesyal supplies a couple of the country’s largest fast food chains and other restaurants as a white label partner.

In 2022, the company decided to offer their desserts direct-to-consumer, adding to their already successful business-to-business operations. But as a new player in the straight to customer dessert game, they had to figure out a way to make their desserts as popular as they were delightful.

Project Scope:

Food & Beverage



Identity Development

Content Creation

Product Photography
Video Production

The Challenge

How does a white label dessert company make its way into the market in a memorable, meaningful way?

Understanding the necessity of strong branding and marketing, Vespesyal approached us for a rebrand to ensure that their transition into direct-to-consumer selling would be smooth. Looking towards the future, the brand also aimed to establish a name that would be known for generations.

Our Solution

From identity development to content creation, we took into great consideration the culture and tradition of the Philippines. Grounded in the ideas of camaraderie, celebration, family, and love for delicious desserts, we developed solutions that would help Vespesyal become a staple for every Filipino household.

Brand Name and Tagline

The shift from V.E.S. Desserts to Vespesyal was simple yet authentic. More than a combination of the prior V.E.S. and the Filipino espesyal, meaning special, the name also means very espesyal. Paired with the tagline, “Ang very special na dessert,” the name encompasses both the simplicity and novelty of Filipino dessert.

Identity Development

The rebrand explored a classic logotype combined with a fun brand direction that embodies celebration. Inspired by classic logos that exude timelessness through cursive typography, the subtle curve adds modernity and a special touch.

The identity was also intentionally crafted to be flexible and modular, with the driving idea being the fact that Filipino desserts are for everyone to enjoy.


The bright Vespesyal color palettes take a cue from the colorful fiestas and celebrations in the Philippines to make the overall brand vibrant and joyful.

Other Elements

Combined with patterns inspired by different indigenous designs in the Philippines as well as shapes molded after the leche flan, the colors, typography and logo identity create a fully Filipino brand.


As sales usually spike during the holidays, we designed the packaging to be festive and celebratory. This also gives the brand an even more positive feel and further establishes it as a go-to for celebrations.

Content Creation

After creating a strong brand identity, it was time to give Vespesyal’s online image a refresh. Through mouthwatering photos, tantalizing reels, and informative graphics all made with a Filipino feel, we helped the brand reimagine their content to show exactly what made Vespesyal special. Focused on celebration, family and heritage, we showed Vespesyal where it belonged: in Filipino households being enjoyed by everyone.

Reimagining everything from their moniker to design identity and online image, the collaboration was rooted in Philippine culture and tradition, focusing on the love for food, coming together, and celebration.

In classic rebranding fashion, the result was the same desserts loved by Filipinos nationwide but with a whole new look, made with the heart and soul of Filipino dessert.